Energy Market Commentary // Natural Gas

Summer Natural Gas Outlook – Shut-ins Ahead?

February 25, 2020 |
Over the last few years, natural gas production and demand growth have been increasingly segregated geographically. Production growth has occurred outside of the Gulf Coast, mainly in Appalachia and the Permian, while most demand growth has been driven by...
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Coal-to-Gas Switching 2020

January 30, 2020 |
The mild winter of 2019-2020 has seen lackluster storage withdrawals and a building storage surplus which will leave the US natural gas market long in summer 2020.  While LNG exports continue to put up solid year-over-year gains of an...
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Natural Gas Price Recovery on the Horizon?

January 23, 2020 |
The winter of 2019-2020 so far has been particularly challenging for natural gas producers attempting to transform themselves from growth engines to generating positive free cash flow. But all hope should not be lost, if history has taught us...
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