BTU Analytics has prepared and delivered a broad range of consulting engagements focusing on production, midstream, pricing, demand, storage and related topics.  Collectively, the team at BTU Analytics has completed hundreds of oil, NGL and natural gas focused projects and has developed the most stringent and in-depth production, transportation, and pricing analysis available in the market.

How We Are Different

BTU Analytics provides clients with a comprehensive and quantifiable view from the wellhead to downstream markets.   We look at the data and analysis and tell the story from there.  Our clients benefit from our independence, our experience and ultimately our strong opinions on assets or strategies.

BTU Analytics draws on a broad analytical tool chest to form our views including:

Well-level economics and breakeven models

Well inventory analysis of remaining drillable locations by play

E&P Industry Cash Flow Model

Transportation capacity utilization and rates modeling

Downstream demand market analysis



Production economics, drilling inventory estimates and acreage quality

Covering all major plays including the Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Canadian Oil Sands, Haynesville, Cotton Valley, Fayetteville, Barnett and Niobrara

Distressed asset fundamental due diligence


Current and Future constraints in natural gas, NGL and crude oil transportation

Gathering, processing, and fractionation

Crude by rail


Export terminals for LNG, LPGs, and crude oil

Power plant gas supply competitive market positioning analysis

End use markets for natural gas including; power, residential / commercial, and industrial

Refining and condensate splitting

Petrochemicals and crackers

Price Forecasting

Natural gas and crude oil basis

NYMEX Henry Hub and WTI


Recent Projects

  • BTU Analytics was retained to do competitive market dynamics analysis for a proposed and existing oil midstream asset in the Permian Basin.  Using BTU Analytics’ well level economics model and production forecasting tool, analysis was presented that showed well level productivity at various wellhead price breakeven scenarios, remaining well inventories, competing midstream assets and evolution of downstream markets.  In addition analysis was conducted on potential third party volumes, gas gathering, gas processing, crude oil trucking and competitive landed cost rates.

  • BTU Analytics was hired by a major producer to analyze current and expected production of natural gas in the Midcontinent. Plays included in this analysis were the  SCOOP, Granite Wash, Mississippi Lime, Cana and Arkoma Woodford. As a part of this analysis, BTU Analytics presented their view on current and future infrastructure challenges, expected pricing for natural gas through the next 5 years and the overall North American natural gas market as it related to the Midcontinent.
  • BTU Analytics was retained by a power development company to analyze and recommend a strategy for sourcing natural gas supply as it pertained to a gas-fired power asset. To properly portray risks and opportunities in the various strategies, BTU Analytics conducted a regional natural gas flow analysis over the next 10 years, provided a proprietary natural gas production forecast, analyzed proposed infrastructure developments, estimated economics of local production, well inventories by price breakeven thresholds, estimated delivered costs of gas and dissected numerous Henry Hub and basis scenarios.
  • BTU Analytics assisted a client with understanding a target producers natural gas firm transportation (FT) portfolio with an end result of a discounted cash flow model over the life of the portfolio.  In addition, BTU Analytics analyzed competing E&P FT portfolios and framed which portfolio would perform best under various forward oil, gas and NGL price scenarios.