A Bit of Holiday (Energy) Viewing

As all of us come down off our holiday hangovers and begin to countdown the days until the start of 2017, we thought we would pass along some energy videos that caught our collective eyes throughout the year.

The first is a bit of a long one, but very interesting nonetheless, about the reality of energy transitions from Vaclav Smil:

Next up we have a few TED talks, the first being from Joe Lassiter of Harvard Business School, concerning the importance of nuclear power to fight climate change, especially in the developing world:


Along similar lines, Michael Shellenberger discusses how the fear of nuclear power is holding their development back and harming the ‘renewable energy revolution’:


Hans and Ola Rosling, show us in this interesting (and funny) lecture how the developed world’s biases shroud objective facts from decision making. Something that rings true in opposition against pipelines like Constitution Pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline, and surely the coming, intensifying, battles against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline:


Finally, on a more lighter and musical note, let’s end with Yellowboy’s rap about DCP Midstream:

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Matthew is a Manager of Energy Analysis for BTU Analytics. He oversees product development and the publication of BTU Analytics’ product offerings which cover the oil, gas, and NGL markets for the US and Canada. He also leads research on the downstream markets for natural gas, natural gas midstream, and natural gas pricing dynamics across the US. He holds a M.S. in Finance from the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester and B.S. in Physics from Florida State University.

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