Customized Market Presentation

With wild swings in oil pricing and massive infrastructure changes in the natural gas market, the best way to get a handle on current and upcoming market dynamics is to schedule a Customized Market Presentation for your company.  The analysts at BTU Analytics have prepared and delivered hundreds of these over the past 8 years and offer a standard oil or gas presentation that can be customized to your specific needs and delivered either in-person or via webinar.

Slide2-e1462581496159-313x300BTU Analytics also offers training for new associates and veterans alike to get energy professionals up to speed in financial modeling, fundamental research, production analysis and modeling, demand forecasting, oil and gas flow analysis, and many other commonly used methods in fundamental energy research and analysis.

Topics covered in a typical presentation include but are not limited to: production forecasts, producer and play economics, infrastructure developments, price expectations, and downstream markets.

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Author: Mason Ender

Mason Ender is a partner at BTU Analytics, LLC and managing director of business development overseeing client relations, marketing, and sales. Prior to joining BTU Analytics, he was the Manager of Sales for Bentek Energy, a division of Platts. Mason has worked with energy companies both domestically and internationally to implement effective fundamental energy analytic solutions. Mason also routinely presents energy market dynamics informing the market of upcoming risks and opportunities.