Long Term Gas Outlook

When your business requires a view that goes beyond the standard 5-year window, you want to rely on sound and transparent analysis. By utilizing BTU Analytics’ proprietary, basin-level inventory depletion models for a supply view, extensive research in all areas of demand, and the most complete and well-informed view on how drilling activity will progress throughout the United States, BTU Analytics is able to establish a clear, 30-year view on Henry Hub pricing.

To make the service easy to use, we include the major assumptions for our Base, Low and High Cases, giving clients the ability to choose which best matches their internal views.  Can’t find a perfect match?  No problem.  As a client to the service, you can request custom scenarios to be run at an additional fee.

A common challenge with long-term forecasting is the “black box” effect, whereas you aren’t really sure what is going into the model or the mechanics of how it’s run.  To combat this, The Long Term Gas Outlook provides users with our methodology and our assumptions on a bi-annual basis.

Dedicated coverage includes:

  • BTU Analytics’ 30-year Henry Hub price forecast
  • LNG and Mexican export assumptions
  • Proprietary 30-year, basin-level gas and oil inventory depletion models based on breakeven distributions
  • High and Low Case scenarios
  • Effects of Renewables and Electric Vehicles
  • Analysis on what basins will drive supply and what sectors will drive demand
  • Assumptions by play and sector for Base, Low, and High Cases

What does this service include?

  • Bi-annual PDF report covering the points listed above
  • Data file containing annual production by region, demand by type, and price forecast for the next 30 years
  • Access to the analysts that write the report, create and maintain the models, and interpret the market dynamics

Author: Mason Ender

Mason Ender is a partner at BTU Analytics, LLC and managing director of business development overseeing client relations, marketing, and sales. Prior to joining BTU Analytics, he was the Manager of Sales for Bentek Energy, a division of Platts. Mason has worked with energy companies both domestically and internationally to implement effective fundamental energy analytic solutions. Mason also routinely presents energy market dynamics informing the market of upcoming risks and opportunities.