Oil Market Outlook

Shale oil and the removal of the crude oil export ban has fundamentally changed the role of the US in global oil markets.  In this new world, the US is increasingly in the forefront of the minds of major global oil players, and the individual decisions of thousands of US oil companies impacts the decisions made by traditionally powerful parties like OPEC.

To help our clients navigate the role of the US in this new environment, BTU Analytics has developed the Oil Market Outlook.  This report builds upon our ground-up oil production forecasts developed as part of our Upstream Outlook and layers on additional research, analysis, and models to forecast the pricing impacts of regional transportation dynamics for the major US oil hubs.  Finally, this fundamental US analysis is framed by the examination of global oil market dynamics, driven by proprietary models built on global data sets, to understand the pricing risks and opportunities facing US oil producers.


Dedicated coverage includes:

  • 24-month outlook on the global supply and demand balance and commentary on its incorporation into BTU Analytics’ WTI pricing outlook
  • 5-year price forecast for WTI and differential forecasts for WTI Midland, Louisiana Light Sweet (LLS), Magellan East Houston (MEH), Brent, the DJ Basin, Guernsey, field Bakken pricing, the Eagle Ford, and Western Canadian Select (WCS)
  • Production forecasts, differential analysis, breakeven pricing trends, and drilling inventory by economics for the major oil plays including: the Permian Basin, the Williston Basin, the DJ Basin, and the Eagle Ford
  • Forecasts and analysis of major global oil players expected to drive oil market pricing over the coming years, including Middle East parties, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, and Venezuela
  • Commentary on changes in EIA US fundamental data such as US exports, refinery utilization, imports, and crude storage

What does this service include?

  • Monthly PDF covering the highlights listed above
  • A data file with 60-month pricing outlook for WTI, Brent, WTI Midland, the Bakken, Guernsey, the DJ Basin, and the Eagle Ford
  • A data file a historical and forecasted global liquids supply and demand balance
  • A data file with pipeline maps and a list of capacities through time for existing and announced oil pipeline projects for the Permian, Eagle Ford, Williston Basin, and the DJ Basin
  • Access to the analysts that write the report, create and maintain the models, and interpret the market dynamics

Author: Mason Ender

Mason Ender is a partner at BTU Analytics, LLC and managing director of business development overseeing client relations, marketing, and sales. Prior to joining BTU Analytics, he was the Manager of Sales for Bentek Energy, a division of Platts. Mason has worked with energy companies both domestically and internationally to implement effective fundamental energy analytic solutions. Mason also routinely presents energy market dynamics informing the market of upcoming risks and opportunities.