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Analysis Tools

Easy to use tools that allow you to manipulate our analysis to fit your needs.

Oil and Gas View

Manipulating data and analysis to fit your specific situation is hard. But it shouldn’t be. BTU View allows users to analyze only what matters to them and run price based scenarios through BTU Analytics’ proprietary economic model. All at the click of a button.

Power View

The BTU Power View brings together a comprehensive, dynamic, and cohesive analysis of the renewable and thermal generation markets including vetted capacity analysis around existing and projects under development, as well as asset level forecasts of generation, creating unprecedented insight into the evolving US power markets.

Excel Production Tool

BTU Analytics recognizes that our clients often have their own confidential assumptions that they would like to use when forecasting production for any given area. For that reason, we developed an easy to use, Excel Add-in that allows you to utilize our production model and…

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