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Oil and Gas View - Economics

Customized Data at Your Fingertips

Manipulating data and analysis to fit your specific situation is hard. But it shouldn’t be. BTU View allows users to interact with BTU models, run scenarios and extract the data that matters to them.

BTU’s Oil and Gas View – Economics contains well-level economic analysis for over 70,000 shale wells drilled since 2013. This data set is updated quarterly to capture operator’s most current drilling trends, costs, and go-forward plans. BTU’s team of expert analysts meticulously combs through public reports and compares them to actual, state-level production data to give you the most informed view possible.  

Coverage Includes:

  • Breakeven analysis for every horizontal shale well drilled since 2013 for both public and private operators
  • Remaining inventory analysis both geographically and by operator
  • Transparent methodology allowing users to download assumptions behind our model
  • The ability to manipulate price assumptions for oil or gas and run scenarios at the click of a button
  • Easily export well-level breakevens and assumptions for all horizontal shale wells drilled since 2013

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