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Forecasting Tool:
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production Forecasting Tool

BTU Analytics recognizes that our clients often have their own confidential assumptions that they would like to use when forecasting production for any given area. For that reason, we developed an easy to use, Excel Add-in that allows you to utilize our production model and change BTU’s proprietary assumptions for IP rates, Decline Curves, and Wells brought online in our 90+ sub-regions throughout the US and quickly calculate the effects to oil and gas production. Interested in the effects of cash flow on U.S. production? You can adjust our assumptions for Henry Hub pricing, WTI pricing, D&C costs, basis forecasts, crude differential forecasts, G&P, LOE, G&A and more across our 80 U.S. sub-regions.

Great for running high / low scenarios while utilizing a trusted and independent model as your base case.

Advantages of the tool:

  • Gain access to BTU’s base case for all 90 production sub-location: oil and gas production, IP rates, decline curves and wells to sales by horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Run scenarios by changing IP rates, decline curves and wells to sales by play and by sub-location
  • Derive PDP, and run projections based on current activity (wells to sales)

Cash Flow Model Component to the Base Tool:

  • Gain access to see BTU’s base case price forecasts for WTI and differentials as well as HH and basis
  • Adjust and run cash flow scenarios in 80 U.S. sub-regions by changing:
    – WTI and differentials as well as HH and basis by production sub-location
    – D&C, G&A, G&P, LOE, cash leakage (cash leaving a basin) by sub-location
    – Cap wells to sales momentum and reflect investment by sub-location

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