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What Lies Ahead in This Market? We’ll Tell You…

Couldn’t make it to our What Lies Ahead conference to hear our market experts walk through BTU Analytics’ outlook for the natural gas, crude and NGL markets, including the impacts to producers, midstream and financial players?

While you may have missed the opportunity to test our expertise with your toughest market questions (“How does the breakeven point for DUC wells compare to full cost economics?”  “What happens to midstream contracts when E&P companies go belly-up?”) you didn’t miss your chance to benefit from the 130+ slides of research and analysis compiled by the BTU Analytics team to explain and support our views of what lies ahead in this turbulent market.

A taste of “What Lies Ahead” content follows:

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

The slides cover our views on:

  • North Americas’ Role in the Global Energy Market
  • Northeast Natural Gas Market Outlook:  A Firm Dilemma Update
  • Where the Natural Gas and Crude Oil Markets go from Here
  • Well Economics, Capital Budget Allocation, and Impacts to Production
  • Midstream Opportunities and Risks

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