Long Term Gas Outlook

When your business requires a view that goes beyond the standard 5-year window, you want to rely on sound and transparent analysis. By utilizing BTU Analytics’ proprietary, basin-level inventory depletion models for a supply view, extensive research in all areas of demand, and the most complete and well-informed view on how drilling activity will progress throughout the United States, BTU Analytics is able to establish a clear, 30-year view on Henry Hub pricing.

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The Snapshot

The Snapshot provides your company with BTU Analytics’ views on Oil, Gas and NGLs twice per year via online webinars with slides and immediate access to BTU Analytics’ Energy Market Commentary upon publication.

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Oil Market Outlook

Shale oil and the removal of the crude oil export ban has fundamentally changed the role of the US in global oil markets.  In this new world, the US is increasingly in the forefront of the minds of major global oil players, and the individual decisions of thousands of US oil companies impacts the decisions made by traditionally powerful parties like OPEC.

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Henry Hub Outlook

BTU Analytics’ Henry Hub Outlook provides a fundamentally driven view on market dynamics influencing Henry Hub pricing. BTU Analytics uses a bottoms-up approach of building our forward view on Henry Hub pricing dynamics where we bring together our current and forward views on supply, demand, infrastructure, and implied storage balances which guide our forecast of Henry Hub pricing levels on a monthly basis over the next five years.

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E&P Positioning Report

The US E&P market is unlike any other in the world.  Vast resources are able to be tapped by thousands of producers, from Mom and Pop’s to Majors, and capital is able to flow freely to companies with the best prospects due to our efficient capital markets and sophisticated financial industry. But not all companies will be able to thrive in the current market environment.

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Gas Basis Outlook

In order to keep our clients in front of basis movements in the North American natural gas market, the Gas Basis Outlook service integrates our deep knowledge of pricing, infrastructure, production, and financial markets into one, concise report. Each quarter, we deliver updates on infrastructure developments, our proprietary production view and a 5-year, monthly Henry Hub and 23 basis markets forecast.

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Upstream Outlook

In a market where all energy hydrocarbons have an interdependent relationship, BTU Analytics’  Upstream Outlook combines analysis on Crude Oil, NGL, and Natural Gas production along with the essential data you need to create a clear and concise view of the upstream market.  The Upstream Outlook utilizes BTU Analytics’ collection of state-level production data and proprietary, well-level production allocation algorithm combined with our industry-leading models and sector expertise to produce a viewpoint that is unrivaled in the space.

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Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production Forecasting Tool

BTU Analytics recognizes that our clients often have their own confidential assumptions that they would like to use when forecasting production for any given area.  For that reason, we developed an easy to use, Excel Add-in that allows you to utilize our production model and change BTU’s proprietary assumptions for IP rates, Decline Curves, and Wells brought online in our 90+ sub-regions throughout the US and quickly calculate the effects to oil and gas production.  Interested in the effects of cash flow on U.S. production? You can adjust our assumptions for Henry Hub pricing, WTI pricing,  D&C costs, basis forecasts, crude differential forecasts, G&P, LOE, G&A and more across our 80 U.S. sub-regions.

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Data Offerings

BTU Analytics appreciates that sound decision making relies on excellent data.  On a continual basis, we research, refine and perfect the main components that make up our views of the upstream market.  BTU Analytics also realizes that sometimes all you need is that underlying data to inform your own proprietary views.  Because of this, we offer all of our baseline data on a monthly basis in easily digestible excel files.

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Customized Market Presentation

With wild swings in oil pricing and massive infrastructure changes in the natural gas market, the best way to get a handle on current and upcoming market dynamics is to schedule a Customized Market Presentation for your company.  The analysts at BTU Analytics have prepared and delivered hundreds of these over the past 8 years and offer a standard oil or gas presentation that can be customized to your specific needs and delivered either in-person or via webinar.

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Market Studies

BTU Analytics’ market studies provide timely, thought-provoking research into the future dynamics of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil market fundamentals.

Getting to the Gulf – Can We Supply Wave 2 LNG? – September 2019

Hidden in Plain Sight – How the Industry’s Models Broke and Obscured True Ethane Supply November 2017

A Firm Dilemma – Winners and Losers of the Natural Gas Pipeline Reversal Race – Published August 2015

Battle for Henry Hub – Natural Gas Oversupply – Ominous Implication for Henry Hub Pricing – Published October 2014

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