What Lies Ahead Conference 2017

Date:  February 8, 2017
Venue: Hyatt Regency, 1200 Louisiana St, Houston, TX
On-site Registration: $

In its second year, BTU Analytics’ What Lies Ahead conference is structured in such a way that both new entrants to the energy space and veterans alike will come away with a clear view of the impacts of the current energy markets’ most influential drivers.  BTU Analytics will present their views on topics such as North America’s role in the global energy market, the impacts of the Permian land grab, scenarios resulting from Northeast pipeline completion timing, midstream investment opportunities, and many others.  The subject matter presented, paired with networking opportunities, provide the perfect forum to help fill your M&A pipeline by putting midstream opportunities and the capital to get it done in the same room.

BTU Analytics prides ourselves in engaging in thoughtful analysis and healthy debate.  When structuring a conference, we didn’t see any reason to change that formula.  In order to facilitate this, at What Lies Ahead 2017 we encourage the audience to interject with questions throughout each presentation.  The result of this structure is that attendees have the ability to hear the most informed participants in today’s energy market debating the most poignant topics.  And, even if you don’t want to bring your views up in front of the group, there are numerous networking opportunities throughout the day in which the discussions naturally continue.

Full 2017 Agenda

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